Same sex marriage

Before my dear readers read this post, I would want them to know that this article is just my opinion and not to hurt anyone. And just to be clear, I am for same sex marriage.

Same- sex marriage is legal in countries like New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium ,Spain, Canada, South Africa,Norway, Portugal, Argentina, Denmark, Uruguay...
France became the 14th country to approve the marriage and adoption.

The way one person feels about another is up to that person. It is nature and it is how somebody was born.One has no rights to separate them. It is a question of freedom and equality.

When I looked at the arguments against gay marriage, one argument that I came across very frequently is "Against God". To that argument say God wanted them to be Gay. That is why he created them this way. Nothing makes God happier than when any two people come together in love.

It is also known that homosexuality can be seen in other living organisms too..

Another reason against marriage was, it imposes a restriction on all society. Well from what I understand, two gays from the same-sex marriage hating society will not marry even if it is legal. So why do we have to prevent two gays from the same-sex marriage approving society from marrying by making it illegal?

Same-sex marriage is not an issue, people just choose it to be an issue. If one is going to marry another, it should be a decision made by the two people in marriage alone and nobody is supposed to mess with it.

It has been scientifically proven that same sex couples are at worst no worse parents to same sex couples. Furthermore, homosexuals inability to procreate would help reduce the number of children living in orphanages due to an increase in the adoption rate.

By my rule, same-sex marriage will not hurt others and also will make 2 gays or lesbians happy while preventing them would result in somebody getting hurt. 

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  1. And one of my favorite actors is a gay... I wrote this post to show him my support :-)