Many people would have watched the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief , Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters... Well I loved the movie and went to look into Greek mythology. So I chose to write about Poseidon- The powerful god of seas.

Poseidon is the Lord of the Sea. His brothers were Zeus - the king of all the gods, and Hades - the king of the underworld. 

Poseidon was a good looking fellow. He had deep blue eyes and streaming green hair.  He was a  restless fellow, always on the move. 

Poseidon was very powerful. He could raise his hand and a new island would appear! The Greeks were terrified of Poseidon. 

All the Greeks, but especially those who lived in coastal towns, built a temple to honor Poseidon. They brought special gifts to the temple every day, hoping to keep him happy. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. Poseidon was very moody.

Poseidon had many wives. But his main wife was not jealous, so Poseidon did not have the problems at home that Zeus did. 

Poseidon kept a royal residence on Mount Olympus, but he was rarely there. He only visited when he had to attend a meeting of the council of gods. He preferred his palace at the bottom of the sea. The exterior was made of bright gold. But it was the inside of the palace that was truly magnificent. Inside, Greek columns supported raised fountains. There were colorful seaweed gardens and paths of white sand and beds of glittering jewels and pearls and chunks of amber. Colored fish darted everywhere. At night, the whole palace was softly lit by thousands of glow-worms. It was a magical place. 

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