She saw her daughter's face filled with tears. It felt like only a few days back her daughter was a tiny little baby crying in her crib. She was there to support her baby whenever needed.But now her daughter is 19. Time has flown so fast. Now her child does not need her support. It is time for her to let her little angel live her life. She touched her daughter's hands. Looking at her eyes she slowly said "Go on".


Just because you can do what you want doesn't mean that you get to do whatever you want!
                                                                                              -Dean Winchester
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10 easy steps to reduce dark circles under eye

Dark circles under eye tend to age your appearance. Hence, they  have been a headache for many people.

It is possible to remove them completly by following simple steps

1) Sleep well for 8 hours a day. Remove all eye makeup before sleep.

2) Eat healthy food . Include lot of green vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water.

3) Place Cucumber slices in the dark area coupled with lying down for 10 to 15 minutes. Follow this daily.

4) Potato can be an alternative to Cucumber and can be used in the same way as cucumber.

5) Take Cucumber, potato and little coconut/almond oil. Grate cucumber and potato separately. take equal quantities of both and apply to eye for 20 minutes. Take coconut or almond oil and massage in the dark area under eye and leave it over night.

-Potato, a good bleaching agent is useful for skin that has turned dark or pigmented.
-Cucumber is a cooling agent and improves the appearance of the under-eye area.
-Coconut oil keeps the delicate area around the eyes naturally moisturized and eliminates dark circles, wrinkles and blemishes.

6) Avoid smoking and drnking. This tends to increase the puffiness in eyes.

7) Put a spoon in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Take it out and cover the circles with it. Hold it there until the spoon is warm again.

8) Apply cool tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to your eyes daily.

9) Place two cotton balls in rose water and soak them for a few minutes. Now remove them and place them on your eye lids. leave it for 10 minutes. Do it twice daily for few weeks.

10) Relax and be patient. Donot expect immediate results.

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