Are you Super Cool ?

Hey people,
To start with, " super cool:" is to have an attitude... wait... It is an attitude to be cool.
If you want to be "the above",  then...
  • Always dress yourself up as if you are going to a happy occasion. Or in other words, get a stunning unique outfit that describes you.
  • Eat energetic food, For me an apple juice works.find your food.
  • no jealousy . The reasons for jealousy may vary from a pile of money to a stolen friend. But having jealousy means you do not have something that the other person has and with that attitude, you are never going to get what you wanted.
  • Always Stay optimistic. Positive attitude is a key for cool attitude.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence... ( I was writing this post in a boring class . For some reasons my teacher suddenly said develop emotional intelligence to the class and I thought it does not hurt to try it.)
  • If anybody messes with your emotions or has done already, just say "Hell yeah! You suck " and move on. (if it is somebody in a higher position than yours, then say it to yourself.)
  • Don't get too sentimental, It will make you a fool.
  • Do not get angry. Be sarcastic if you want to be angry :P
  • And... hate your sleep.It makes you feel lazy and waste the time you can be out there amazing.
When you follow these, you will be initially considered insane. But eventually they would end up saying.
 "You are the coolest friend we ever had or will have" . Insanity Works.

PS: I am a fan of Johnny Depp and it does not have anything to do with the post.


Make every day more awesome ,funny and Legendary than the previous one... Trust me You will love it... After all, when you get old, only those funny sweet memories are going to make you smile... :P You can even write a book about how weird you got when you were young ;) So...... what are you waiting for? Start now...True Story... 

Dear Future me...

Here is a letter that I wrote to the future myself (Though there might be some confusion with the pronouns :P)

Dear Future Jane,

If you are well settled in life, married, not been to Antarctica even once, not painted your house in a shade of grey, well then.............................................................................................................................................

Now, Here is a list of all the things that you must do...
First, get a divorce. You are not happy being married.
Second, Get a plane ticket to Antarctica.
Third, paint house Grey.
Fourth, Dance Dance Dance...
Fifth, Go meet random people and make friends with them...
Last but not the least, Don't give me the " Dear Younger me, You don't understand " look. Because remember, you never wanted to understand. You always wanted to be happy... Now get out there and make your future LEGENDARY...

Yours sincerely,
Younger Jane...

First Interview ?

I was 15 years old. I gave my first interview for a nation wide exam. I cleared 2 written rounds and was among the top 1000 students of my age in my country. So to be on top 500, I had to clear the interview.

I took all the mock interviews with fear. I felt like "Do or die". I had to get through this interview.I started thinking of  all possible things that can happen if I get through or if I don't..

As Days neared, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. I could not get proper sleep. Eventually, I started forgetting the basics of my subjects.

On the day of interview, I felt nausea. I also forgot all my preparations. I thought that the person sitting next to me would have heard my heart beat.

Then a thought occurred to me. "Why is my heart beating fast. Crap ! The worst thing that can happen to me here is I won't pass this interview. But my heart has to live longer. " And that was enough for me to face the interview bravely. I passed the interview. Now If I think of it, I feel ashamed for my fears 'cus I was already top 1000 students.

From then on, I look at the worst things that will happen to me in any situation. If it is not worst enough , I give it a shot. True Story ...:P

Never take "No" for an answer !!!

DAD: I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
SON: No!
DAD: The girl is Bill Gate's Daughter.
SON: Then OK.

Dad goes to Bill Gates.

DAD: I want your daughter to marry my son.
DAD: He is the CEO of World Bank.

Dad goes to the President of World Bank.

DAD: Appoint My son as CEO.
DAD: He is the Son-in-law of Bill Gates.

This is Business!!!
My life, my rules, I can break them or I can bend them , I take nothing for granted and have everything to gain, I am thankful for my life and I am happy to be alive, I intend to enjoy every moment, every minute, every hour and every day I am here on this earth.

My life, My rules, My attitude...

I am only 20. And I recently got a campus offer in a Multinational Company. My family and relatives already started planning for my life. I just have one question for them. It is my life. So why do you bother? (Although I do understand your concern for my life.). The reply I get is  " you are too young to understand this. " . Yes, I know I am young. So let me understand the working of the world on my own. Let me make mistakes for me to learn stuff by myself.

I do not want a perfect life. I merely want it to be happy. I will do what ever I want to do and I will face the aftermath. But I am not stupid enough to commit a serious mistake.So all I ask is understand me and believe me. ( Actually not that I care what you think. I merely don't want people to get hurt by caring too much for me without understanding).

Screw the caste, religion and country business. I am not getting married soon.

 Like I expressed in one of my previous posts, The world is full of awesomeness... I want to live my life to its fullest. I have to travel and travel the earth until I get tired. (But I doubt if i will). My nature is not to follow the routine that everybody follows. I am somebody who want to try new stuff every day. I get bored with the routine life.

So I am clear in my mind that I won't let anyone spoil my adventure of life.'Cus it is my life.

Green Tea- the healthiest beverage

  • Green Tea Contains Various Bioactive Compounds That Can Improve Health
  • It has numerous antioxidants which can protect from harmful UV rays.
  • Though not completely proved, it is found experimentally that it reduces some forms of cancer.
  • It reduces heart disease.
  • It lowers risk of Type II diabetes.
  • On occasions of skin inflammation, green tea acts as a great soother.
  • Green Tea hydrates body.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It safeguards skin against tans and sunburns.
  • It helps reduce pimples because of antibacterial content.
  • It helps improve the looks of skin including the complexion.
  • It has anti-aging property.

Here is a letter to parents of all 20's...

Dear all Parents,
  We are 20 years old. We hate you controlling each and every moment of life, starting from how to eat breakfast till how to sleep.We know that you have nurtured our lives for the past 20 years, provided us with quality education, took care of us .Thank you and we appreciate it :) . But it is time. "We" need to live our lives and not "you" because it is ours.It is time to give us what we want rather than what you want .
The world is so fascinating and beautiful. It is full of surprises.We need to explore it ourselves and we get immense pleasure in doing so. Having faith in our actions will give us confidence. We do not ask you to support us. At least do not  stop us from doing what we want most.  We are also not kids anymore for you to keep checking our call logs, our history and read our mails. We already have enough work to do at this time of life. Don't push us to do anything we hate.
So please trust us and respect our privacy. Thank you. :)

Yours sincerely,
20 year olds.


Hey and this is my looks... and I like to be this :)

I am Jane, 20 year old student. Believe me, I am AWESOME. From today on I will post great articles, that every body will like to read.
Happy Reading