Are you Super Cool ?

Hey people,
To start with, " super cool:" is to have an attitude... wait... It is an attitude to be cool.
If you want to be "the above",  then...
  • Always dress yourself up as if you are going to a happy occasion. Or in other words, get a stunning unique outfit that describes you.
  • Eat energetic food, For me an apple juice works.find your food.
  • no jealousy . The reasons for jealousy may vary from a pile of money to a stolen friend. But having jealousy means you do not have something that the other person has and with that attitude, you are never going to get what you wanted.
  • Always Stay optimistic. Positive attitude is a key for cool attitude.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence... ( I was writing this post in a boring class . For some reasons my teacher suddenly said develop emotional intelligence to the class and I thought it does not hurt to try it.)
  • If anybody messes with your emotions or has done already, just say "Hell yeah! You suck " and move on. (if it is somebody in a higher position than yours, then say it to yourself.)
  • Don't get too sentimental, It will make you a fool.
  • Do not get angry. Be sarcastic if you want to be angry :P
  • And... hate your sleep.It makes you feel lazy and waste the time you can be out there amazing.
When you follow these, you will be initially considered insane. But eventually they would end up saying.
 "You are the coolest friend we ever had or will have" . Insanity Works.

PS: I am a fan of Johnny Depp and it does not have anything to do with the post.

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