First Interview ?

I was 15 years old. I gave my first interview for a nation wide exam. I cleared 2 written rounds and was among the top 1000 students of my age in my country. So to be on top 500, I had to clear the interview.

I took all the mock interviews with fear. I felt like "Do or die". I had to get through this interview.I started thinking of  all possible things that can happen if I get through or if I don't..

As Days neared, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster. I could not get proper sleep. Eventually, I started forgetting the basics of my subjects.

On the day of interview, I felt nausea. I also forgot all my preparations. I thought that the person sitting next to me would have heard my heart beat.

Then a thought occurred to me. "Why is my heart beating fast. Crap ! The worst thing that can happen to me here is I won't pass this interview. But my heart has to live longer. " And that was enough for me to face the interview bravely. I passed the interview. Now If I think of it, I feel ashamed for my fears 'cus I was already top 1000 students.

From then on, I look at the worst things that will happen to me in any situation. If it is not worst enough , I give it a shot. True Story ...:P

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