Here is a letter to parents of all 20's...

Dear all Parents,
  We are 20 years old. We hate you controlling each and every moment of life, starting from how to eat breakfast till how to sleep.We know that you have nurtured our lives for the past 20 years, provided us with quality education, took care of us .Thank you and we appreciate it :) . But it is time. "We" need to live our lives and not "you" because it is ours.It is time to give us what we want rather than what you want .
The world is so fascinating and beautiful. It is full of surprises.We need to explore it ourselves and we get immense pleasure in doing so. Having faith in our actions will give us confidence. We do not ask you to support us. At least do not  stop us from doing what we want most.  We are also not kids anymore for you to keep checking our call logs, our history and read our mails. We already have enough work to do at this time of life. Don't push us to do anything we hate.
So please trust us and respect our privacy. Thank you. :)

Yours sincerely,
20 year olds.


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