My life, My rules, My attitude...

I am only 20. And I recently got a campus offer in a Multinational Company. My family and relatives already started planning for my life. I just have one question for them. It is my life. So why do you bother? (Although I do understand your concern for my life.). The reply I get is  " you are too young to understand this. " . Yes, I know I am young. So let me understand the working of the world on my own. Let me make mistakes for me to learn stuff by myself.

I do not want a perfect life. I merely want it to be happy. I will do what ever I want to do and I will face the aftermath. But I am not stupid enough to commit a serious mistake.So all I ask is understand me and believe me. ( Actually not that I care what you think. I merely don't want people to get hurt by caring too much for me without understanding).

Screw the caste, religion and country business. I am not getting married soon.

 Like I expressed in one of my previous posts, The world is full of awesomeness... I want to live my life to its fullest. I have to travel and travel the earth until I get tired. (But I doubt if i will). My nature is not to follow the routine that everybody follows. I am somebody who want to try new stuff every day. I get bored with the routine life.

So I am clear in my mind that I won't let anyone spoil my adventure of life.'Cus it is my life.

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