There are some moments in every body's life which are very difficult to forget. Lot of things happen in the flash of a second. Some of them are pleasant, some are sad, some are surprising and some are shocking. But most of them change our lives and the way we think.
Moments is a new attempt to bring out the different emotions that our mind and heart experience on such occassions. I request the readers to provide any suggestions in the comments. 
                                                                       Thank you

She saw her daughter's face filled with tears. It felt like only a few days back her daughter was a tiny little baby crying in her crib. She was there to support her baby whenever needed.But now her daughter is 19. Time has flown so fast. Now her child does not need her support. It is time for her to let her little angel live her life. She touched her daughter's hands. Looking at her eyes she slowly said "Go on"

My legs stopped near her. She was selling flowers.The Roses looked pretty. But the little girl looked pathetic.Nobody in this busy world had time or need to stop and buy flowers. But I knew that buying those flowers would provide her lunch. I decided to buy all the flowers she had.

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