Hi Guys, Today I will finally write about how I celebrated my birthday amazingly...
The second the clock hit 00:00, my mom and sister stuffed my mouth with chocolates.  (I do not like cakes ... :P)
Then my dad had called me to wish me.Then my friends started wishing me one by one.They did not allow me to sleep.I finally slept at 2:00 am, But then again I started getting calls early in morning.

Me and my friends went to kfc for lunch and had all possible fun we could have. Our lunch ended with giving kfc the feedback and kidding the nice waiter there. :D
Then my friends surprised me with an a greeting card. My two best friends had written nice and emotional words for me to cherish in my heart.

That night again my parents, my sister and me went out for dinner. We ordered the traditional spicy food from the best restaurant. Even the name of the food was mouth watering.
I took really funny pictures there :P

Another surprise awaited me the next day. My best friends had captured all the beautiful moments in our college life , and gave it to me inside a photo frame. I could not express my happiness then and all I could do was smile as if I had a hanger in my mouth. My parents were very happy too...

I thank everybody for making this birthday wonderful...I really appreciate the love of my family and friends :)

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