My new Year

My New Year day, (Read Till the End)

My year 2014 officially started with me wishing watching the 1st episode of "How I met your Mother" at 00:00. Then I wished New Year to my friends and Family ... Like everybody.

Then I went out with my friends to the church. We Had a great time laughing in a hotel during lunch where I ended up befriending the waiter there. Then I went to a shopping Mall, did some shopping, had a coffee and wishing strangers "happy new year 2014". This ended with me befriending 3 strangers whose name was I never asked. Finally I came back home and I realized my mom was out and I did not have the room key.So again I selected a random number from my phone and started chatting with that person.

I also came to know that my friend proposed his girl and got accepted immediately at 00:00 !!!

To be honest I loved each and every moment of this day and to a person like me who makes every day amazing, "New year day" is as special and stunning as my other days.

( And I am conveying that I love each and every moment of my life )

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