My Hair Smoothening Experience

Initially, I was scared because of many articles on how hair Straightening  affects hair and causes hair fall. But then one of my friends who did smoothening gave good comments. So I took the risk.

I received a lot of instructions from the professional on how to maintain. I was asked not to wash the hair for next 3 days. Also I must not tie the hair and keep it without bending even during sleep for the next 3 days.

When I looked into the mirror, I had a great shock. My hair looked like it has disguised itself for Halloween(:P). But my friend assured me that it will become pretty as soon as take my first hair wash.

The next 3 days was very difficult for me. I followed the instructions very strictly till I washed my hair. Then like my friend said, it was pretty!!! 

I had to go for hair spa every month.But later I found that applying oil before hair wash gave me the same results as spa. I initially used WELLA shampoo. But since it did not suit my hair, I switched to l'oreal.  I do my straightening every 5-6 months (on new hair that grows). I take hair wash once in 3 days. I really feel hair smoothing is not very hair-damaging in contrast to the general opinion.

I went to the same parlor where my friend did it. Since my hair was very curly and dry, I had to do rebonding. After 3-4 hours of heavy work(by the professionals) and me sitting idle, my hair was straight!!!


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