Meg Ryan's character

I always have a thought in my mind. "People have achieved many things by the time they were of my age, but I have not even figured out what I am good at... Or am I even good at any thing?" This thought made me miss something in life. It was then I met Meg Ryan  in the movie 'My mom's new Boy friend". When I saw her , I realized age is no barrier to look young !!! I might have learnt this fact from any movie. But I figured it out in that one. The Energy you get when you believe in yourself is amazing.

I have seen her in many other movies (You have got mail , In the land of women etc ). Being a teenager , I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. I mean who is not after watching Twilight?. But Meg in the character Sarah in "In the land of women" tapped my heart more than Kristen.

Recently I watched,"Kate and Leopold". That is when I decided  I need to write this short post. In all her characters, I see something... I see me. But I really cannot figure out what "it" is that I see in me or her characters. Though it is not explainable , it makes me feel happier and allows me to have a shot at life.

Just to be sure, this tiny post is about how her characters look like to me and not her real life :)

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