"Early Impressions are hard to eradicate from Mind" -Jerome

Try answering these questions.
1) When I last bought n automobile, was the credibility of the salesperson important to me?
2) When I last chose a bank, a physician, or a veterinarian, did the reputation affect my choice?
3) When I visited my child's school, how long did it take to get an impression of his or her teachers?

The first sixty seconds of encounter with a stranger are more lasting!!!There is much truth in this adage that we never get a second chance to make first impression.Humans are social beings. We exist in  world where our social experiences, that is our relationship with others, form the essence of our lives.Give your best every day.

Be Mentally prepared. Many coaches say to their athletes "Get your heads straight". This same advice holds true for becoming influential.Your vision should describe what you re seeking and the contributions you hope to make to others in reaching it.

Also be spiritually prepared.Influential people are those who remain at peace. They have faith in GOD and also in themselves.Boost your spirituality by encouraging others and by personal prayer so you can put your best foot forward.

You must also be physically prepared. Eat proper diet and get enough physical exercise.Your appearance can be your best asset or your worst liability when you interact with people.Even your handshake will project volumes about you.It might not be fair.But it is practical.Remember that you will be making impressions with everyone you meet and you never know what group of people can help you reach your life vision or goal.

Next is to be socially prepared. The more friends you have, the more is the chance of influencing people.
Smiles, good listening sills and Thank yous become valuable tools in socializing process.

People who help others are productive and likable.Again recognize that the first 60 seconds are important.

From "9 Laws for Becoming Influential" from Tony Zeiss

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