10 Easy tips for healthy hair :)

1) Wash hair regularly and properly. Washing hair once in 3 days is enough.Too much washing will make your hair dry.

2) Use a mild shampoo. Also use the same shampoo regularly.

3) Apply oil to hair 4 hours before washing.

4) Condition your hair after wash.
 For curly hair apply a leave-in conditioner for better result.

5) Dry your hair naturally. Using a blow drier makes hair dry. Do not sleep with wet hair.

6) Do not brush hair before it is dry. Use a wide toothed comb instead of brush. Also do not brush hair too much as it would damage the hair.

7) Do not wear tight rubber bands as it can cause hair fall.

8) Trim hair regularly.

9) Eat healthy food. Adequate amount of water is necessary for a healthy hair.

10) Finally, avoid stress and exercise regularly. It has a major impact on hair.

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